Topic: Environment

Global Environmental Justice Atlas

The global indigenous population of 370 million is greater than the population of the USA, yet indigenous peoples are among the most affected by environmental injustices globally. 

Environmental justice theory has not yet meaningfully addressed de-colonization and the resistance of indigenous communities against extractivism in the settler-colonial context.  

A de-colonizing and transformative … read more.

Many Notions of God

Most religions claim an insight into ultimate reality, which they call God, but we Unitarian Universalists, being creedless, make no such claim. Or do we? 

In our seventh principle, we affirm the existence of the interdependent web of all existence, of which we are a part. 

It is wonderful to welcome Calogero, … read more.

Protecting Montréal Green Spaces

Lisa Mintz founded Sauvons la falaise, whose primary mission is to ensure protection of the St. Jacques Escarpment Eco-territory, and connection with other existing green spaces including the future Meadowbrook park. 

Falaise St-Jacques Escarpment

She will discuss the history and biology of the falaise as well … read more.

From Chef to Political Activist

Marlene Hale, also known as Maluh, her childhood nickname in Wet’suwet’en, the northern Athabaskan language of her people, was born in Smithers, British Columbia, at the foot of the Hudson Bay Mountains. She learned to cook at a young age, and as it developed into … read more.

Conservation in Costa Rica

Jessica Burpee writes: The talk will be about my experience giving an Ecotourism course in Costa Rica, where our group stayed at an indigenous village and learned how they built their ecotourism lodge from the ground up, building on their  inherent worth and dignity. As a … read more.

Reimagining the World

How can we work for environmental justice and put the brakes on climate change without first, imagining a different world? Rev. Nicoline will speak about how finding ways to reduce her carbon footprint has been a central part of her personal faith journey as a … read more.