Each year in April, half of the Board of Directors is elected for a two-year term starting at the end of the Annual General Meeting held in the third week of June. In even years, the President, Secretary and one Director are elected; in odd years, the Vice President, Treasurer and one Director. 

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Susan discovered UUs while at the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison. When she and her husband, Bohdan, moved to Lachine in 1991, they learned about Lakeshore UU Congregation, and eventually joined. Bohdan designed the “flaming chalice sailboat” that is the Lakeshore logo. Susan has served in a number of positions on the Board. She is focused on bringing the UU message of radical inclusiveness and respect for the web of life to a beleagured and fearful world.

Vice-President: PAUL SULLIVAN
Paul is a longtime member of the Lakeshore Congregation. Born a Universalist in upstate New York, he continued his membership with the Church of the Larger Fellowship as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chile. He joined the west island congregation over 30 years ago and has served in several capacities as he believes that people in this community and in the world at large are looking for a home to share their feelings about justice and equality.

Christopher Thomson, a Scottish-born néo-Québécois, has been an off-and-on Unitarian since high school in the 1960s in Rochester, New York. He has been a resident of Québec since 1970 (Lachine since 1987) and active in the Lakeshore UU Congregation since 2014. He particularly appreciates the strong sense of fellowship that this lay-led Congregation offers.

A Londoner by birth, Heather Falconer has been a member of the Lakeshore Unitarian Congregation since 1976, and has served on the Board in many capacities including the presidency. She also served on the Canadian Unitarian Council (CUC) Board for one term, and was among the first lay-chaplains appointed by the CUC in 1978 when the chaplaincy program was introduced.  She firmly believes that being and working “together we can make a positive difference, not only in our own lives but in the community at large.”

Director A: ROB LUTES
Rob Lutes is a Maritimer who has brought his award-winning singer-song-writer skills to Montreal. He and his wife Monique Riedel have two children and the whole family plays a large role in the Lakeshore UU community.

Timothy Byrnes is an US-born entrepreneur managing a business specialized in international parcel delivery. He and his partner Gaetane Parent have been active in the Congregation since 2016. 

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