Each year in April, half of the Board of Directors is elected for a two-year term starting at the end of the Annual General Meeting held in the third week of June. In even years, the President, Secretary and one Director are elected; in odd years, the Vice President, Treasurer and one Director. 

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Sheila had discovered the Unitarian Church in Ottawa, and was delighted to find one in her new Pointe Claire neighbourhood when she and her husband moved to Montreal. She joined the Lakeshore Unitarians in 1973 and has served in several capacities over the years, including Hawaiian Bazaar Coordinator, RE Director, Admin Secretary, and every Board position at least once. She served as Board member and President of the St. Lawrence UU District when that was bi-national, and participated in the process of the Canadian Unitarian Council’s deliberations and evolution to its current national structure and status. Having found her spiritual and activist “home” as a UU, Sheila particularly appreciates the broad involvement and leadership development both found and promoted in the Lakeshore UU Congregation.

Vice-President: GARY SPILLER
Gary is an international consultant with a focus on environmental issues as well as being a very active member of several Lakeshore committees.

Susan discovered UUs while at the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison. When she and her husband, Bohdan, moved to Lachine in 1991, they learned about Lakeshore UU Congregation, and eventually joined. Bohdan designed the “flaming chalice sailboat” that is the Lakeshore logo. Susan has served in a number of positions on the Board. She is focused on bringing the UU message of radical inclusiveness and respect for the web of life to a beleagured and fearful world.


Milda is an advanced student of Asian culture and religious practices as well as a yoga instructor.

Director A: VACANT

Paul grew up in the Universalist tradition in up-state New York. He is a longtime active member of Lakeshore, having served on the Board several times over the years.

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