Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation is spiritual community which, through social action, tries to put into practice the second of our faith’s Seven Principles, Justice, equity and compassion in human relations.

  • Support for Suitcases for Africa (SFA), including notably furnishing two scholarships to Kenyan children each year.
  • Food Bank collection: West Island Assistance Fund in Roxboro.
  • Raising funds and advocating for Child Haven International, a charity aiding women and children in South Asia. Our most recent Child Haven Dinner (our 22nd) was held on 4 November 2017.
  • Partnering with Maple Grove School in Lachine to supply Christmas Hampers to two Lachine families.
  • Supporting Action Réfugiés Montréal by participating in its annual fundraiser Ride for Refuge
  • Knitting Squares: decorative blankets for veterans; sleeping mats for Suitcases for Africa (SFA)
  • Services on Native Rights.
  • Services on Climate Change.
  • RE Program: DOT (Do One Thing) to conserve and protect our environment
  • Partnering with other West Island churches in the sponsorship of a Syrian refugee family.


Bilal and Family have arrived in Canada!

It was an exciting and emotional Monday afternoon on February 12! The Summerlea Refugee Support Coalition members were overwhelmed with joy to greet Bilal and his family at the airport. Moya Whitley (MP Francis Scarpaleggia’s Assistant) joined us as she had been so helpful in checking on the status of their file over the past year, and she came with lots of small Canadian flags and buttons which the family eagerly accepted.

Although exhausted from their long voyage from Riyadh through Frankfurt to Montreal, the family was excited to meet us too. Broad smiles and warm hugs more than made up for our lack of Arabic, and their limited English and French (although they said “Thank you” to each of us). On February 15, Bilal, Farah and their daughter Dalal (11) and sons Abdulla (10), Baraa (5) and Huzaifa (3) moved into their Ville St Laurent apartment (in the same building as Salman, Bilal’s brother, and our co-sponsor), which we had furnished in advance.

Social action for indigenous rights

Supporting the Red Dress Project