Our Governance and Membership Policy

Our bylaws and membership policy exist to support and enhance the governance and functioning of our congregation. Although written in legal language to satisfy governmental requirements, the bylaws also tell the story of our congregation — encapsulating our vision, hopes, and dreams. They help the congregation govern day-to-day functions such as committees and board structure. The bylaws lay the groundwork for our organization.

The LUUC By-Laws (Revision no 17) are the congregation’s basic governance document.

Among topics covered in this document are:

    • the purposes of the congregation
    • how to become an LUUC member
  • the structure and operation of the congregation’s standing committees, namely the Board of Directors, the Nominating Committee
  • and the Responsible Membership Committee.

The LUUC Membership Policy is a companion document to the bylaws which covers the following:

  • the rights and responsibilities of membership
  • defining unacceptable behaviour
  • action which the Responsible Membership Committee may take in rare situations where members/friends of the congregation are unable to resolve their differences via direct communication.