Speaker: Lakeshore Members

All Souls’ Sunday

In many cultures, November 1st is a day to honour those who have died before us. Susan Czarnocki and several other members of Lakeshore will reflect on our treasured memories and on the ongoing influence of some of the members of Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation who have gone before us, but will never be forgotten.

Coming Together Again

It’s a new ‘church year’ – but the ‘same old pandemic’ is still hanging around.  So we dedicate this, our opening service, to gathering our strength and renewing our will to meet this continuing challenge with steadfastness and equilibrium.

Ending with Our Beginning

In my generation, fathers, like mine, were sometimes partly occulted figures wrapped up in the business of being the family breadwinner. But whatever generation you are from, who your father was, and even who your grandfather was, has meant a great deal to the person you have become through your own life’s journey.

Recovery and Renewal at Easter

As we lift ourselves out of the ashes of the pandemic, we look towards a rebirth, a renaissance, or in the language of this Easter morn, a resurrection. What have learned, how will we face these new challenges?

Sharing Love in These Hard Times

On Valentine’s Day, lets share our love and our loves through Song and Poetry. Lets chase away the winter blues that are so deep this year. Kerry-Anne, Rob, Ariel and Sionna will sing to us.

Christmas Eve Service

Our Christmas Eve service this year will be different, but still filled with beautiful music, songs for you to sing, and stories to enchant us. Please join us on Zoom at 5:30 p.m. on December 24.

Seeking the Christmas Spirit

This year, more than ever before, we yearn to find creative, safe and caring ways to share the traditional messages of “comfort and joy” with others, and to replenish our battered spirits. Do you have special memories of that “Christmas Spirit” touching you, and staying with you?

ZOOM: Mother’s Day

Fairness, kindness, good judgement and understanding of one another are gifts from our mothers that we carry with us for our whole lives. Lakeshorers will reminisce about the lasting gifts they received from their mothers.

Lighten the Darkness with Music and Poetry

Lakeshore musicians and singers, Dori, Hélène, Irene, Kerry-Anne, Ariel, Dan, Karine and Rob will bring us music and song to lighten our lives amidst the darkness of winter.  Sari, Paul, Christopher and Jean will add poetry to the mix. Lets us recall that shortly we will … read more.