Empire of Wheat: 1887-1939 [hybrid]

Nicholas Tošaj is a professor of history at John Abbott College. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and is an alumnus of the Culinaria Research Centre and an active participant in the Oxford Symposium of Food and Gastronomy. 

Nick lives in Hudson with his wife Shannon, their dog Ty and their three chickens Penny, Gertrude and Lucinda.

Nick will explore the history of bread and staple carbohydrates; its cultural importance in shaping the modern French colonial empire of France, colonial Morocco and French Indochina. He will address themes as varied as colonization, technology and cultural exchange, which provide insight into how dietary habits have shaped the modern world.

  • Service leader – Selina Rooker-Sanchez
  • Musicians – Kerry-Anne Kutz and Michael Cartile
  • Zoom host – Margaret Godbeer
  • In-church greeter – Christopher Thomson
  • On-line greeters – Dorie Abbott and Nancy Schmidt (J&S)

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