Topic: Connections

What the World Needs Now – A Larger Love

One feature of pandemic time is our continually shifting social landscape. Activities, events, appointments and gatherings are cancelled and endlessly rescheduled; schools and businesses close and reopen repeatedly. It used to be the snowy weather.
For one constant in today’s world, we need look no further than the timeless theme of love. Call it Universalism writ large — together let’s re-imagine what love looks like in our time.


The children and youth are working hard to put together this December holiday themed service. They will share what they have learned about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and Christmas and there will be poetry reading and singing!

This service is for ALL ages. We hope everyone will come out to support our children and youth, in person or virtually. We are looking forward to a great end to the 2021 year!

Honouring Women

Jeannie Jane of Saturviit, a non-profit organization created 15 years ago to represent the voice of Inuit women from Nunavik at all levels of government. Jeannie will speak on the successes and concerns of Inuit women. 
We will also recognize the 31st anniversary of the Polytechnique massacre and light candles in memory of those who lost their lives as well as for missing and murdered women across Canada.

Celebrating Indigenous Voices

JoAnne Fishburn, producer, and Julianna Peter-Paul, Mi’kmaq podcaster, present INDIGENOUS 150+, a film and conversation series dedicated to putting Indigenous voices centre stage, which led to a podcast and leadership training initiative for Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth.

Helping Others

Chad is a Mohawk of Kahnawake, working at Aboriginal Initiatives in conjunction with Corrections Canada as an Assistant Elder and Cultural Facilitator. In his spare time, he is a volunteer fire fighter and first responder, as well as a Pow-wow drum carrier, drummer and singer. In his words, “I try to live my life as a positive role model and inspiration to others.” He was dealt a deck of cards that included many challenges … He says: I would not change them if I could. I accept these, because they are a part of me, just like my left arm, or foot are. They have allowed me the opportunity to grow, test myself and through the knowledge and experience gained – HELP OTHERS.

Serge Bouchard – Listening to the heart

Serge Bouchard, Québec’s celebrated anthropologist and broadcaster, keen observer of the human heart in many places, passed away suddenly at the young age of 73. I wish in this service to tell a bit of his story, which represents the very best of what our Québec society offers in terms of values and care.

Ending with Our Beginning

In my generation, fathers, like mine, were sometimes partly occulted figures wrapped up in the business of being the family breadwinner. But whatever generation you are from, who your father was, and even who your grandfather was, has meant a great deal to the person you have become through your own life’s journey.

Good Vibrations

The great hasidic master Reb Nachman of Breslov taught that the way to happiness is to find the good in others always. Furthermore, he wrote that finding points of goodness in everyone – including ourselves – creates new songs of joy in the world.

Keeping Up With Oxy & Nonagenarians

My parents love children and were inspired by that love to raise 21 children, 19 of whom were adopted from countries around the world. Then, create a series of South Asian Children’s Homes.

English-to-English Translation

Understanding how the other person thinks is a skill that has become invaluable as I move through phases in life. The easiest way to describe it, is always giving the benefit of the doubt, but also finding a way to locate the missing piece of the puzzle and always being ready to work through a problem together.