Speaker: Rev. Carole Martignacco

Creativity and the Ageless Spirit [hybrid]

Pablo Picasso was in his 80s when he said: “It takes a long time to become young.” If there really is such a thing as a Fountain of Youth, it could be creativity. And not necessarily restricted to the arts. Whatever our age it’s up to us each day to create our lives. 
What awakens the ageless spirit in you?

What the World Needs Now – A Larger Love

One feature of pandemic time is our continually shifting social landscape. Activities, events, appointments and gatherings are cancelled and endlessly rescheduled; schools and businesses close and reopen repeatedly. It used to be the snowy weather.
For one constant in today’s world, we need look no further than the timeless theme of love. Call it Universalism writ large — together let’s re-imagine what love looks like in our time.


Rev. Carole Martignacco
Giving thanks is a universal expression of the human spirit, not just at harvest
time, not just for a day or a season. Our whole lives overflow with gifts of
abundant blessing. Today we anticipate the Thanksgiving holiday by asking,
“What does it mean to live … read more.