Speaker: Rabbi Sherril Gilbert

Good Vibrations

The great hasidic master Reb Nachman of Breslov taught that the way to happiness is to find the good in others always. Furthermore, he wrote that finding points of goodness in everyone – including ourselves – creates new songs of joy in the world.

The Fragility of Life

Rabbi Sherril Gilbert returns to Lakeshore for a third time.  She tells us: During the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (beginning on the eve of September 23), Jews all around the world build small outdoor temporary huts. The impermanence of these structures helps us deepen our recognition … read more.

Judaism Unbound – Jewish Renewal

What My Faith has Taught me about Building Community in a Multicultural World

In this presentation, Rabbi Sherril discusses her current thoughts on Jewish renewal, an evolving spiritual movement that is radically inclusive, superbly accessible, and deeply reverent. “Judaism Unbound” provides insights and suggestions for other … read more.