The Fragility of Life

Rabbi Sherril Gilbert returns to Lakeshore for a third time.  She tells us: During the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (beginning on the eve of September 23), Jews all around the world build small outdoor temporary huts. The impermanence of these structures helps us deepen our recognition of our vulnerability as human beings.

R'Sherril Gilbert


Dwelling in our little huts, we interact with the natural world, and we are reminded of the fragility of our environment and our planet. We also are obligated to invite both friends and strangers into our huts. The lesson here is that the more vulnerable we feel, the more we realize that we need each other, and that we need to live together in such a way that promotes peace, cooperation, and respect for each other and the universe that sustains us.

Service leader: Christopher Thomson

Musician: Kerry-Anne Kutz

Hospitality: Peg Wooley & Heather Falconer


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