Topic: Spirituality

Sacredness of Tears

Our beloved Minister Emeritus, Fred Cappuccino, age 93, will speak on the “Sacredness of Tears.”  As Washington Irving said, “There is a sacredness in tears. They are not the mark of weakness, but of power.”

And Fred has said that if the people are good he will … read more.

How Lakeshore helped shape me

Larissa Girvan was in Lakeshore UU Congregation’s RE program several years ago, along with some of our other young adults. Lara will reflect on Lakeshore’s influence on her life’s journey, particularly as an elementary school teacher, onher teaching style, and the values she holds today.

She will also speak … read more.

Teaching Trauma-Based Yoga

Traci Williams is certified in trauma-based yoga, along with several other styles, and has taught yoga in Kahnawake for five years, which she considers a privilege. She will speak about what she has learned from her time with the Mohawk, and how they taught … read more.

Consciousness: Mystery or Chemistry

What does the word  consciousness trigger in your mind:  curiosity,  indifference?

At some level do you sense that consciousness is like heart-beats, and breathing:  the very stuff of life, not needing further explanation?   Or do you consider that we are just barely beginning  the process of … read more.

Albino Rabbits

Gabor gave this sermon at Lakeshore UU Congregation seventeen years ago. In case you missed it or you have joined our community since then, he will deliver it again. 

It explores the question: “Where do ethical rules come from?”

Service Leader: Christopher ThomsonMusician: Kerry-Anne KutzChalice Lighter: Cormac LutesHospitality: TBC

Tales from a Book of Life: Reflections

This is the third part of Michael’s trilogy. The pattern is broadly as before: a set of international tales is used to explore our collective spirituality. The tales are followed by another mysterious spiritual question.

Today’s tales, sometimes amusing but all intriguing, are from the exotic … read more.

Personal Identity

Ariel’s service “will include an interesting twist on the sermon delivery many of us are used to. The structure will be a philosophical congregation-wide discussion regarding the problem of personal identity.

The discussion will touch on the individual’s sense of self, as well as how it … read more.