Topic: Spirituality

Embodiment as Play

It is summer! Time to play. Rev. Heather Fraser-Fawcett, at McGill and later at Oxford, learned about J. Moltman’s Theology of Play. She adds: That theology especially came alive for me at Oxford. At the beginning of COVID, I began what has been a continuing period of study of the the Swiss psychiatrist who founded psychoanalysis, Carl Gustav Jung, with a focus on dreamwork and embodiment.

Good Vibrations

The great hasidic master Reb Nachman of Breslov taught that the way to happiness is to find the good in others always. Furthermore, he wrote that finding points of goodness in everyone – including ourselves – creates new songs of joy in the world.

Touchstones of Hope for Reconciliation

Professor Blackstock will review the Five Touchstones of Hope needed to improve the lives of Indigenous nations in Canada. The focus is on improving child welfare and the Spirit Bear to witness reconciliation efforts and the need for compensation.

Recovery and Renewal at Easter

As we lift ourselves out of the ashes of the pandemic, we look towards a rebirth, a renaissance, or in the language of this Easter morn, a resurrection. What have learned, how will we face these new challenges?

Does your Personality Determine your Religion

Rev. Terre Balof discusses the relationship between personality type and preferred religious and spiritual paths. This may help our community to greater understanding of theological perspectives and personality preferences.

Lessons from my Year of Living Spiritually

Anne Bokma shares her difficult journey of leaving a fundamentalist religion as well as insights from her whirlwind year of experimenting with two dozen spiritual practices and how they taught her to live more attentively and authentically in the world.

Sharing Love in These Hard Times

On Valentine’s Day, lets share our love and our loves through Song and Poetry. Lets chase away the winter blues that are so deep this year. Kerry-Anne, Rob, Ariel and Sionna will sing to us.

Soil, Soul and Society

What does it mean to be human in our place and time? One place to start is with our relationship with the earth – not so much the earth as a planet in space, but as the literal ground beneath our feet.

Soulful Singing

Wendy Luella Perkins leads us in a spirited service of singing and reflecting on leaning into the power of song during these challenging days. At this time of not being able to touch physically, we need to hold each other close in many many other ways — in our hearts, prayers, dreams and SONGS.

Ancient Words for Modern Times

Milda looks at a phenomenon that inspires and uplifts worldwide. Arising from the hearts of sages and saints, devotional poetry shares transcendent insights and experiences in verse and often song.