Topic: Spirituality

“In the doing, we become”

From Whom am I led? To Whom do I Serve?

Vivianne will give a glimpse into the journey of where her personal life intersects with her professional life – And in so doing – her spirituality is defined as a political statement. She believes in … read more.

With a Cup of Tea

What is the most important question you are not asking yourself? In today’s sermon, Rev. Heather will consider some of the questions she’s grappled with on her quest for understanding and meaning.

What have been, and what are, your deep questions?

‘It’s New Years

At the corner of … read more.

Reflecting on Home and Belongings

Naomi Shihab Nye was born in 1952 in St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in San Antonio Texas.  Her father was Palestinian and her mother was American.  She speaks English and Arabic.  She is a poet, songwriter and novelist.  She says “San Antonio feels most … read more.

Do Numbers and Mathematics Figure Into Spirituality?

An exploration of the concept of numeracy as a means to gaining perspective.

Timothy shares thoughts on how our intuitive mathematical understanding can be broadened to reveal truths that can seem lost through needless abstraction. An understanding of numbers that seem larger than ourselves can help in … read more.

Confessions of a Church-goer

Do you need to go to church to be religious? Why go at all?   Calogero Cumbo considers the possible range of motives for church attendance and shares his reasons for going, first when he was a Roman Catholic, and then after his faith journey … read more.

Aging Gratefully

(c) The Suburban, 2018-09-12

One of our most cherished members, Jean Merrifield, will speak to us on the subject  of Aging Gratefully. There are few more qualified to speak on this subject than Jean (who is 102 years old).  Jean’s incredible wisdom and wit serve as … read more.

Tales from a Book of Life, Part 2: Pathways

Further to Part 1 (presented last April), Michael will continue to explore our collective spirituality through two more intriguing international tales and reflections from his family’s “book of life” that they’ve experienced over the years. He will then add a fresh story to illustrate … read more.

The Fragility of Life

Rabbi Sherril Gilbert returns to Lakeshore for a third time.  She tells us: During the Jewish holiday of Sukkot (beginning on the eve of September 23), Jews all around the world build small outdoor temporary huts. The impermanence of these structures helps us deepen our recognition … read more.

Homeward Bound

After our Summer hiatus with picnics and BBQs, the Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation is homeward bound, returning to our regular Sunday morning services. Christopher Thomson, one of our members and a long-settled immigrant in Québec, will talk about the personal journeys we make in our lives. … read more.