Houses of Hope

Our speaker, Rev. George Buchanan, is the son of John and Conny Buchanan who were members of Lakeshore Unitarian Church in the day. Still a Canadian, Rev. George has served several congregations over the years in New York State and Ohio and has recently retired. He says:

Unitarian Universalist congregations are rightly held up as havens of hope – houses of hope – in difficult times.  In this emerging new world we now face, is this still true?  We will gently consider this question with music, readings, and reflection. 

  • Service leader – Christopher Thomson
  • Musicians – Kerry-Anne Kutz & Mike Cartile
  • Zoom host – Margaret Godbeer
  • On-line greeters – Michael Rooker (J&S) & Nancy Schmidt
  • In-church greeters – Caitlin Berry (VaxiCode) & Selina Rooker-Sanchez


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