The Last Man Jailed for Blasphemy

Author Stephan Pappa states in his book ‘The Last Man Jailed for Blasphemy’ that Abner Kneeland, the Universalist minister, “was once famous, infamous, rather, but he has been lost to history; most people including Unitarian Universalists don’t know about him and should.” Linda Kneeland is Abner’s great-great granddaughter and she will tell us much more about her famous/infamous ancestor.

Reflections of a Muslim Woman in Québec

Shaheen is an active and engaged member of the Muslim community and the wider Montreal community. She is a member of the Montreal Raging Grannies, and can often be seen on Brunswick Avenue in Pointe-Claire with others demonstrating to Save Fairview Forest. Shaheen is a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, serving on its Board of Directors.

Influential Recordings

Matthew Hunt-Russell will discuss and show examples of music that have shaped the way he plays and listens to music. As a musician, listening to music is as important as instrumental practice, and certain artists have played vital roles in his cultivation of a personal sound and style.