Leading Onward: Women are changing our World

Several dynamic and outstanding women from Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation and the community at large will speak about their work toward building a better and more equitable world while others light candles in memory of the fourteen bright, young women who were killed at the Polytechnique on December 6th, 1989. One additional candle will be lit for the countless women who continue to be victims of violence.
Our Lakeshore Community Choir will sing. We are honoured to have as our special guest Brigitte Garceau, MLA for Robert Baldwin.

Betting on an Energetic Future

Come join us for an overview of the technology of “Fusion Energy”, and what it may offer for the future.
The search for an inexhaustible and safe energy source is the holy grail of energy research.
Recent advances are promising, but more challenges have yet to be conquered.

Moving through the Five Gates of Grief [hybrid]

Margaret Mead once said something about the United States which also holds true about Canada: “Mourning has become unfashionable in the United States. The bereaved are supposed to pull themselves together as quickly as possible and to reweave the torn fabric of life. … we do not allow … for the weeks and months during which a loss is realized – a beautiful word that suggests the transmutation of the strange into something that is one’s own.”
Margaret Mead alludes to grief as something both personal and communal.
Francis Weller, a wise elder in the field of grief work, has taught a much-needed antidote to the “memorialize and get back to work” process that Mead laments. I think she would appreciate Weller’s “FIVE (or SIX), GATES OF GRIEF transmutation process.