Albino Rabbits

Gabor gave this sermon at Lakeshore UU Congregation seventeen years ago. In case you missed it or you have joined our community since then, he will deliver it again. 

It explores the question: “Where do ethical rules come from?”

Service Leader: Christopher ThomsonMusician: Kerry-Anne KutzChalice Lighter: Cormac LutesHospitality: TBC

From the Snows of Siberia …

… to the Snows of Kilimanjaro

Irene exited her mother’s womb in a prison-camp in the Stalinist gulag, yet she spent her young life in the ‘paradise’ of Kenya.  She will recount a largely unknown story of World War II involving: negotiations with Stalin over the fate of 1.7 million … read more.

Tales from a Book of Life: Reflections

This is the third part of Michael’s trilogy. The pattern is broadly as before: a set of international tales is used to explore our collective spirituality. The tales are followed by another mysterious spiritual question.

Today’s tales, sometimes amusing but all intriguing, are from the exotic … read more.