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The Adventure of Self-Discovery [hybrid]

Steve Sim’s, a new resident of Lachine In this presentation, Steve will explore themes that focus on growth in self-knowledge, and the wisdom of personal transformation. For each of us, an epic journey of learning and loving unfolds out of life’s endless summons to transformation – the invitation to live more consciously, more creatively, more compassionately.
Wisdom guides us into the unknown – a quality of attention and intention marks out a journey to find the hidden self. The way is often dark: moving beyond illusion and isolation, composting muddy emotions, deconstructing the ego, transforming fear into loving kindness. The soul fire of the universe is love. As we give and receive love, we connect with the whole of life – its beauty, its intelligence, its purpose, its timeless harmony.

Battling Senior Isolation

A community health advocate and outreach worker for seniors in NDG-Cote-des-Neiges, Miranda Potts was chosen as the Montreal Council of Women’s “Woman of the Year” in 2021 for her tireless efforts fighting isolation in the elderly community during the pandemic. Miranda will reflect on the joys and struggles of her work.

Easter Sunday – Flower Communion Service

We are very excited to have our first service back in person of 2022, on Easter weekend! This will be a multi-generational service with participants of all ages.
As in the past, there will be a Story Time and this week’s story will be Easter themed. Congregants of all ages will be speaking and sharing throughout the service. The highlight will be our beautiful flower communion; everyone is asked to bring a flower which will be exchanged for a different flower during the service. We are all really looking forward to seeing everyone and connecting in person once again!

Hints of the Numinous in the Ordinary

Dr. Wheatcroft says: As I gain in years, I find temporal things less valued, yet often more respected. Many of them are quite necessary for quality of life and so they are deeply intrenched in our memory and psyche, holding subjective and objective value. The great … read more.

Becoming an Opera singer, or The Highs and the Lows

Meet Claire de Sévigny Sunday April 3rd, who will discuss her passion for opera and performing. She will share the highs and lows from her career thus far. She will discuss the trials, tribulations and realities for a singer on the road, and the struggles that live arts workers have faced during the pandemic. Claire will speak to the importance of live music and its essential need in everyday life!

Thanks Be for This Amazing Life

Richard Gilbert writes: ‘Sometimes I am so busy trying to repair a broken world that I leave my soul untended. Therefore, I will reflect on some soulful words from Unitarian poet e. e. cummings. It helps me remember that at 85 I need to ponder what this long life really means.’

The Power of the Human Spirit

Clifford Lincoln writes: Watching President Putin this week, as he delivered his frighteningly-negative decision about Ukraine, I could not help thinking about the immense good he could have done instead, by directing the billions in military hardware and preparations, towards the common good, and the welfare of his people.
I also thought of Russia, which I have visited on several occasions, and of a very special Russian individual who used the power of her indomitable human spirit towards the common good and the cause of the oppressed.

The Struggle to Protect Indigenous Land and Old Growth Forests

Marlene will give an update on the Wet’suwet’en Nation and on the Fairy Creek Old Forest Growth Campaigns. Why did the RCMP move in quickly on our protesters at the request of a private company Coastal Gaslink and the BC Government in the case of Fairy Creek; arresting more than 1,000 people and charging 400 with criminal contempt?
In contrast, they were slow to move against the protesters in Ottawa who wanted to overthrow the government. There, the police arrested 192 people and charged only 100 with mischief! Is there a double standard?

Coping with the Pandemic – An international perspective

It is wonderful to have Timothy Byrnes “back with Lakeshore,” albeit from Florida, this Sunday. Timothy will present a discussion of the global dimensions of the Covid 19 contrasted with the colloquial aspects of nationalism, class, and ethnocentric attitudes. Timothy will also touch on the Canadian trucker protests as an example of ethnocentric attitudes, progressive sensibilities, and dissenting ideologies.

Truth, Warps and Lies

We believe in the never-ending search for truth but can we separate it from the warps and lies of life that have never been more confusing and all-pervasive? Can “pure truth” be isolated in our predominantly secular world? Is our search necessarily a spiritual one?

Aided by friends and family, Michael will systematically search for answers with you and will uncover some dark, contemporary pitfalls in the process.