Topic: Community

Lakeshore UU Congregation on Summer Hiatus

Notre communauté fait relâche entre la Fête nationale et la fête du Travail. Our community is on summer break; we should be starting Sunday services again after Labour Day.

Our Shared History [hybrid]

Paule Mauffette écrit : J’ai enseigné l’histoire constitutionnelle du Canada au cégep Ahuntsic pendant près de 20 ans. L’analyse de l’histoire de notre hymne national de même que la comparaison entre l’hymne en français et l’hymne en anglais reflètent bien les tumultes de notre histoire et nous font comprendre la nature même du pays dans lequel nous vivons.
I am a retired history teacher from Cegep Ahuntsic and my main subject was the history of the Canadian constitution. We can discover through the analysis of the different anthems in French and in English a country with a tumultuous history that makes Canada so special.

Deeply Caring Love [Zoom only]

Clifford Lincoln writes: As we gather in peace to celebrate love for one another and understanding among all peoples, we cannot but turn our thoughts towards those countless innocent fellow human-beings who, at this very hour, are the victims of the indescribable savagery and senseless brutality of war. And I could not help thinking of an episode in my own life’s experience involving Russia in another autocratic era of oppression and cruelty, and a remarkable Russian citizen, Vera Parnes, who defying the injustice of an all-powerful regime, became a living symbol of freedom and liberty for oppressed peoples.

Battling Senior Isolation

A community health advocate and outreach worker for seniors in NDG-Cote-des-Neiges, Miranda Potts was chosen as the Montreal Council of Women’s “Woman of the Year” in 2021 for her tireless efforts fighting isolation in the elderly community during the pandemic. Miranda will reflect on the joys and struggles of her work.

Easter Sunday – Flower Communion Service

We are very excited to have our first service back in person of 2022, on Easter weekend! This will be a multi-generational service with participants of all ages.
As in the past, there will be a Story Time and this week’s story will be Easter themed. Congregants of all ages will be speaking and sharing throughout the service. The highlight will be our beautiful flower communion; everyone is asked to bring a flower which will be exchanged for a different flower during the service. We are all really looking forward to seeing everyone and connecting in person once again!

Coping with the Pandemic – An international perspective

It is wonderful to have Timothy Byrnes “back with Lakeshore,” albeit from Florida, this Sunday. Timothy will present a discussion of the global dimensions of the Covid 19 contrasted with the colloquial aspects of nationalism, class, and ethnocentric attitudes. Timothy will also touch on the Canadian trucker protests as an example of ethnocentric attitudes, progressive sensibilities, and dissenting ideologies.

The Rabbit Dance Story

Mother, grandmother and traditional chief of the Kahnawake Bear Clan, Kawisente, speaks to Lakeshore about her Kanienkeha nation’s conception of the three levels of creation and, in particular, the rabbit dance story.  She will also share the rabbit dance song with us and take questions after her talk. 

Reflections of a Muslim Woman in Québec

Shaheen is an active and engaged member of the Muslim community and the wider Montreal community. She is a member of the Montreal Raging Grannies, and can often be seen on Brunswick Avenue in Pointe-Claire with others demonstrating to Save Fairview Forest. Shaheen is a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women, serving on its Board of Directors.

Christmas Eve Service at Lakeshore

Please note this special evening time to join us for our annual Christmas Eve service. This year back in the Sanctuary. We will hear our Lakeshore Community Choir, share memorable stories for all ages, and we will sing our favourite Christmas carols. 

Please come out in person to be together and to enjoy “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!” 

Christmas – Past and Present

At this service, we hope to have many attend in person as we plan to fill the sanctuary with the joyous carols and songs of the season. Some of our members have agreed to share their memories, and reflections of Christmas – past and present. Please join us.