Topic: Community

Serge Bouchard – Listening to the heart

Serge Bouchard, Québec’s celebrated anthropologist and broadcaster, keen observer of the human heart in many places, passed away suddenly at the young age of 73. I wish in this service to tell a bit of his story, which represents the very best of what our Québec society offers in terms of values and care.

Coming Together Again

It’s a new ‘church year’ – but the ‘same old pandemic’ is still hanging around.  So we dedicate this, our opening service, to gathering our strength and renewing our will to meet this continuing challenge with steadfastness and equilibrium.

Our Canadian Tapestry

Sharing how our Canadian Tapestry came about in 1977-78, and how this Lakeshore Unitarian Church Sunday school curriculum, created and led by Myrna Wood, engaged our whole congregation and inspired Unitarian Universalists across North America to develop similar locally-created programs.


Rev. Richard S. Gilbert will focus on the blessings and demands of Universalism. “As one born into that faith, I passionately believe that it is a religion desperately needed in our time.”

Keeping Up With Oxy & Nonagenarians

My parents love children and were inspired by that love to raise 21 children, 19 of whom were adopted from countries around the world. Then, create a series of South Asian Children’s Homes.

Why should Canadian Black History be important to Canadians?

Linton Garner is co-creator, with Dr. Dorothy Williams, of a new curriculum they want to get out in Quebec schools called “The ABC’s of Canadian Black History”, to foster accessible resources and a bibliographic record of the historical presence of Blacks in Canada.

Riding the Waves

Casey, CUC’s Youth & Young Adult Program & Events Coordinator, explores how the pandemic has been particularly tough for the young, as well as some of the creative & resilient ways that they have managed to transform, all while holding on fast to that which matters most to them.

Sharing Love in These Hard Times

On Valentine’s Day, lets share our love and our loves through Song and Poetry. Lets chase away the winter blues that are so deep this year. Kerry-Anne, Rob, Ariel and Sionna will sing to us.

Soulful Singing

Wendy Luella Perkins leads us in a spirited service of singing and reflecting on leaning into the power of song during these challenging days. At this time of not being able to touch physically, we need to hold each other close in many many other ways — in our hearts, prayers, dreams and SONGS.