Speaker: Susan Czarnocki

We are All in This Together

In March, we paused to do a tour de table, a check-in on our states of being. This service will be an opportunity to do that again – to exchange our preoccupations in the hopes of encouraging in each of us.

ZOOM: Comfort

What if Unitarians were to rewrite the 23rd Psalm – what imagery would you propose that brings you comfort? Where, currently are you looking for comfort – and where are you finding it? Make a few notes on bringing comfort – Unitarian style.

The First Principle

Susan Czarnocki asks: When you hear the phrase “the inherent worth and dignity of every person”, what image forms in your head? A mother’s love, the kindness of strangers, multicultural diversity? How do war, torturers, mass-murderers and serial killers fit into this picture? What is … read more.

Consciousness: Mystery or Chemistry

What does the word  consciousness trigger in your mind:  curiosity,  indifference?

At some level do you sense that consciousness is like heart-beats, and breathing:  the very stuff of life, not needing further explanation?   Or do you consider that we are just barely beginning  the process of … read more.

Celebrating the Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox arrived on March 21st. The days are lengthening, nature comes to life again, and there is hopefulness. We are reawakening ourselves after a long winter. Bring on the spring jackets and billy boots, the crocuses and snowdrops, the robins and the scent … read more.