We are All in This Together

In the first instance, this worldwide pandemic returns us to the binary emotions of our most primitive reflexes: fight or flight. Carelessness in our behaviour can result in suffering for others, even onto death. Persons who deny their vulnerability decrease security for others. We are indeed our brother’s keeper. The irony is that we are being thrust into this collective challenge when safety is to be had in isolation.

In March, soon after we plunged into the world of virtual services, we paused to do a tour de table, a check-in on our states of being. This service will be an opportunity to do that again – to exchange our preoccupations in the hopes of encouraging in each of us, all that it takes to build back better.

NOTE: What has been the toughest for you to face? What has been an unexpected joy? Have you discovered something new that has added quality to your life? If you are willing to share, please contact Susan Czarnocki by September 17 to let her know.

  • Service leader – Susan Czarnocki
  • Musician – Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Zoom host – Gary Spiller
  • On-line greeters – Sheila Laursen & Nancy Schmidt

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