ZOOM: Comfort

Susan writes: This pandemic focuses daily attention on the counting of deaths – hardly an edifying subject.  How is all this affecting you?  Perhaps you were once taught the 23rd Psalm, and the words now seem to resonate:  

Illustration by Dwight L. Moody, www.heartlight.org

What if Unitarians were to rewrite the 23rd Psalm –   what imagery would you propose that  brings you comfort?    Where, currently are you looking for comfort – and where are you finding it?  Make a few notes on bringing comfort – Unitarian style.  Send them to me, and I will collate your thoughts.  Can we create a Unitarian version of the 23rd Psalm?

  • Service leader – Timothy Byrnes
  • Musician – Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Zoom host – Gary Spiller

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