Topic: Beliefs

Dismantling Racism

Dismantling racism first demands an acknowledgment of its existence and must go beyond ‘I understand my privilege.’ It also means understanding the detrimental effect such privileging has had on the current living experience of everyone.


Rev. Richard S. Gilbert will focus on the blessings and demands of Universalism. “As one born into that faith, I passionately believe that it is a religion desperately needed in our time.”

Does your Personality Determine your Religion

Rev. Terre Balof discusses the relationship between personality type and preferred religious and spiritual paths. This may help our community to greater understanding of theological perspectives and personality preferences.

Extreme Empathy

Can we empathize with a white suprematism, or an anti-semite, or perhaps those people who stormed Capitol Hill? Federico Sanchez proposes that we might not be facing a political dilemma, but an existential information problem that causes citizens to believe in different realities.

Ancient Words for Modern Times

Milda looks at a phenomenon that inspires and uplifts worldwide. Arising from the hearts of sages and saints, devotional poetry shares transcendent insights and experiences in verse and often song.

Lest we forget: remembering the Spanish Flu

The 1918 “Spanish” Flu killed more people than died in WW1: for every soldier killed in combat, three died of that flu. Calogero Cumbo explores why, in the middle of our current pandemic, we have forgotten that previous one.

Promoting Equity through Language

Samantha will discuss how learning from Dr. Douglas opened her eyes to the pervasive, lasting, and often covert impacts of systemic racism in North America. Samantha hopes to share some of what she has learned about how to use language to promote equity.

ZOOM: God Revised

The Reverend Galen Guengerich believes that we have outgrown the concept of a supernatural God, so we no longer need one, yet we still need religion to give us a sense of common community and ethics and morality.

ZOOM: Comfort

What if Unitarians were to rewrite the 23rd Psalm – what imagery would you propose that brings you comfort? Where, currently are you looking for comfort – and where are you finding it? Make a few notes on bringing comfort – Unitarian style.