Topic: Beliefs

Our essential – unlabeled – self

Timothy will present an exploration of racism beyond the superficial labeling of others – to first understanding the mislabeling of ourselves. He puts forth the hypothesis that it the very labeling of ourselves that is standing in the way of making a fundamental progress in … read more.

As Scarves Part the Bars

As Unitarians and Universalists, we draw on many sources to enrich, explain, and broaden the spiritual stirrings of our heart. In this time of Thanksgiving, let’s take time to revisit the sources that ground our U.U. faith.

May we celebrate in gladness!

Service leader – Susan … read more.

Every Woman Counts

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to deal with this human form that we have been given. These vehicles we call bodies seek pleasure and connection much beyond what religion would allow, yet the most basic act of procreation on which we … read more.

The First Principle

Susan Czarnocki asks: When you hear the phrase “the inherent worth and dignity of every person”, what image forms in your head? A mother’s love, the kindness of strangers, multicultural diversity? How do war, torturers, mass-murderers and serial killers fit into this picture? What is … read more.