Topic: Beliefs

New Year, New Perspectives [hybrid]

As the New Year approaches, let’s look to Buddhist and Hindu calendars and cultures for acknowledgment and celebration of new beginnings. What other traditional forms meet the universal need for hope and resilience throughout the year? 
Milda Graham is a Religious Studies scholar at McGill with a focus on South Asian traditions such as yoga, and the Sanskrit language. 

Our Shared History [hybrid]

Paule Mauffette écrit : J’ai enseigné l’histoire constitutionnelle du Canada au cégep Ahuntsic pendant près de 20 ans. L’analyse de l’histoire de notre hymne national de même que la comparaison entre l’hymne en français et l’hymne en anglais reflètent bien les tumultes de notre histoire et nous font comprendre la nature même du pays dans lequel nous vivons.
I am a retired history teacher from Cegep Ahuntsic and my main subject was the history of the Canadian constitution. We can discover through the analysis of the different anthems in French and in English a country with a tumultuous history that makes Canada so special.

Coping with the Pandemic – An international perspective

It is wonderful to have Timothy Byrnes “back with Lakeshore,” albeit from Florida, this Sunday. Timothy will present a discussion of the global dimensions of the Covid 19 contrasted with the colloquial aspects of nationalism, class, and ethnocentric attitudes. Timothy will also touch on the Canadian trucker protests as an example of ethnocentric attitudes, progressive sensibilities, and dissenting ideologies.

Truth, Warps and Lies

We believe in the never-ending search for truth but can we separate it from the warps and lies of life that have never been more confusing and all-pervasive? Can “pure truth” be isolated in our predominantly secular world? Is our search necessarily a spiritual one?

Aided by friends and family, Michael will systematically search for answers with you and will uncover some dark, contemporary pitfalls in the process.

The Rabbit Dance Story

Mother, grandmother and traditional chief of the Kahnawake Bear Clan, Kawisente, speaks to Lakeshore about her Kanienkeha nation’s conception of the three levels of creation and, in particular, the rabbit dance story.  She will also share the rabbit dance song with us and take questions after her talk. 

Revisiting Old Truths

Like many of people I’ve left lessons from my childhood behind me. I suspect many of them will stay in the past, but more frequently I find myself discovering wisdom in old understandings. Join with me as we consider if some abandoned beliefs are worth another look.

Dismantling Racism

Dismantling racism first demands an acknowledgment of its existence and must go beyond ‘I understand my privilege.’ It also means understanding the detrimental effect such privileging has had on the current living experience of everyone.


Rev. Richard S. Gilbert will focus on the blessings and demands of Universalism. “As one born into that faith, I passionately believe that it is a religion desperately needed in our time.”

Does your Personality Determine your Religion

Rev. Terre Balof discusses the relationship between personality type and preferred religious and spiritual paths. This may help our community to greater understanding of theological perspectives and personality preferences.

Extreme Empathy

Can we empathize with a white suprematism, or an anti-semite, or perhaps those people who stormed Capitol Hill? Federico Sanchez proposes that we might not be facing a political dilemma, but an existential information problem that causes citizens to believe in different realities.