Topic: Community

Every Woman Counts

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we have to deal with this human form that we have been given. These vehicles we call bodies seek pleasure and connection much beyond what religion would allow, yet the most basic act of procreation on which we … read more.

Annual Intergenerational Service

It has become a much anticipated and long-standing tradition to have a June service that is organized, scripted and led by the youth of our congregation. We look forward to the creativity, energy, thoughtfulness, and unexpected surprises that our young folk bring to us all.

Service … read more.

Teaching Trauma-Based Yoga

Traci Williams is certified in trauma-based yoga, along with several other styles, and has taught yoga in Kahnawake for five years, which she considers a privilege. She will speak about what she has learned from her time with the Mohawk, and how they taught … read more.

Reimagining the World

How can we work for environmental justice and put the brakes on climate change without first, imagining a different world? Rev. Nicoline will speak about how finding ways to reduce her carbon footprint has been a central part of her personal faith journey as a … read more.

Radical Resthomes

How do we want to live as we grow old and need more care?

Janet has had — and continues to have — a wide variety of work experiences in the US and Québec. Upon reaching retirement age, she began thinking that it’s time for … read more.


How do two people get completely different outcomes and experiences from the exact same family context? Annie Deschamps, Karine’s older sister, shares her reflections on the meaning of sisterhood through the different stages of life, and how shared laughter is the magnetic force that is … read more.

Syria – A first-aider’s point of view

Abood Hamad arrived in Montreal from Syria 1 1/2 years ago. He has a Masters degree in International Humanitarian Law and worked as a first-aider and first aid trainer with the Syrian Red Crescent and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). That gave him the opportunity to … read more.

The Assault on Reason

In 2007, the former U.S. Vice-President Al Gore wrote a book titled, The Assault on Reason. It is even more relevant with today’s occupant (innommable) of the White House. On 21 April, Easter Sunday, Fred Cappuccino, our beloved Minister Emeritus, will speak on the pertinence today … read more.

From the Snows of Siberia …

… to the Snows of Kilimanjaro

Irene exited her mother’s womb in a prison-camp in the Stalinist gulag, yet she spent her young life in the ‘paradise’ of Kenya.  She will recount a largely unknown story of World War II involving: negotiations with Stalin over the fate of 1.7 million … read more.