Topic: Health

Remembrance [hybrid]

Heather has been a member of Lakeshore for over 40 years. With war raging in Europe, her thoughts returned to her childhood days in London in the 1940s – where she sees certain parallels. Cities destroyed, people fleeing, mothers clutching their children, fathers and brothers joining the armed forces to rid their country of a pernicious enemy – led by a charismatic leader.
It never occurred to her at the time – and for many years after – that this experience had ‘affected’ her in any way – but of course it did. She will talk about children caught up in war. 

The Benefits of Co-housing [hybrid]

The concept of multigenerational co-housing originated in Denmark in the 1960s. Co-housing residents of all ages live in their own homes or apartments while sharing common spaces and caring for each other. Wonderful examples can be found right across.
Kate Coulter, social worker and social activist shares her knowledge and significant interest in the undeniable benefits of co-housing.

Space Between the Logs

It is always wonderful to welcome back Dorothy Latta of the Plattsburgh, New York UU Fellowship to our congregation. Dorothy will will speak about when in a rush and feeling stressed, sometimes the hardest thing in the is to stop: often we may feel compelled to go even faster.  How can we find it easier to pause?

Helping Others

Chad is a Mohawk of Kahnawake, working at Aboriginal Initiatives in conjunction with Corrections Canada as an Assistant Elder and Cultural Facilitator. In his spare time, he is a volunteer fire fighter and first responder, as well as a Pow-wow drum carrier, drummer and singer. In his words, “I try to live my life as a positive role model and inspiration to others.” He was dealt a deck of cards that included many challenges … He says: I would not change them if I could. I accept these, because they are a part of me, just like my left arm, or foot are. They have allowed me the opportunity to grow, test myself and through the knowledge and experience gained – HELP OTHERS.

Recovery and Renewal at Easter

As we lift ourselves out of the ashes of the pandemic, we look towards a rebirth, a renaissance, or in the language of this Easter morn, a resurrection. What have learned, how will we face these new challenges?

Thinking beyond Ourselves

The pandemic has also caused us to reflect more deeply about others, about our neighbours, especially those less fortunate than ourselves stricken in their thousands by the onset of Covid-19 – as well as those very many others who risk their lives daily at the front-line to keep us safe.

Exploring the Healing Power of Music

Ariel discusses the many ways in which music can heal us. Recent scientific advancements have made great strides in using music therapy as a tool for emotional and even physical rehabilitation.