ZOOM: Introduction to Living Soils

Vivian grew up in the West IsIand and graduated from McGill University’s School of Environment with ecological field experience at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. She is a musician, singer\songwriter, and photographer as well as an environmentalist and permaculturalist. Vivian lives now in the Eastern Townships, where in 2015, she started a company called DocTerre, affiliated with Soil Foodweb Inc laboratory and consultation service. They assist farmers and compost companies across Quebec and Ontario in the regeneration of soil ecosystem services.

Her Introduction to Living Soils will be about the life beneath our feet and how these microbes are vital to a healthy planet, resilience to changing climates, to growing highly nutritious food without synthetic fertilizers, to restoring the water and carbon cycles, and supporting biodiversity. Life in the soil has been and is being depleted all over the world due to bad land management practices and exploitative industries. But today farmers and people around the world are choosing to team up with life by using regenerative land management practices as a service towards the environment and towards our shared future on planet earth.

Living Soils Symposium Montreal 2017 – Regeneration Canada
  • Service leader – Sheila Laursen
  • Musician – Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Zoom host – Gary Spiller


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