Dori and Peter Abbott:

“The 7 tolerant principles of Unitarian congregations are supportive to promoting religious harmony in seeking world peace. From different points of view, we are still able to speak and act as one on this common objective.

This local congregation by its intent and actions warrants generous financial pledges from members for operating support, which includes its availability to future generations.”

Heather Falconer:

“I have been a member of the LUUC for many years – and have always felt that together we can make a positive difference, not only in our own lives but in the community at large. At the moment our Choir has taken off to new heights, our children’s programs are thriving and our Social Action group is flourishing. By contributing financially, I am helping to keep it all going for many years to come.”

Irene Haustknost:

“My children and I enjoy coming to LUUC services. The congregation is loving and supportive, and we have all benefited from the generosity of our friends in this community, whether it be emotional support, or lending a hand during a move. We are proud members of LUUC, and the choir is pretty awesome too!”

Sari Kelen:

“Over the recent years, LUUC has become my extended family. I can count on my friendships there in a special way that means giving as much as my own family can offer. I have found that the more I contribute to the “running of the ship” in actions or in pledges, the more I feel like this group is part of me.”

Kathy and Gabor Matyas:

“We feel very much a part of the LUUC community and we want to keep it vibrant for today and the future. Also, we identify with the UU values and wish to help promote them.”

Christopher Thomson:

“I enjoy so much being part of a self-governing community of seekers, willing to ask ourselves and the larger society what are our values, our common purposes and our understandings of what it means to be a person.  We share our lives’ journeys with all the plurality of experiences, identities and visions that implies.”