If you wish to make a difference within the life of the Congregation or even within the larger community we belong to, think about joining one of our committees which assist our congregation in accomplishing its mission.

Joining a committee can strengthen your connection to the community and the vital structures that make it all work. Committee work can provide a sense of purpose, and an opportunity to connect with others who share a similar passion. Some people are looking for a way to develop new skills, others for opportunities to deepen our understanding of our own spirituality and derive a sense of meaning.

If you are interested in joining one of our committees, please write us via the Reply or Comment section below.


Caring Committee: provides caring support for those who are in need. The committee responds in times of grief and loss, of illness, and of changes in a relationship or employment.

  • Members of this committee include:  Nancy Schmidt and Jose van Amerongen.
  • Committee Chair: Dori Abbott

Chaplaincy Committee: monitors the performance of the chaplains, and discusses fees and related policies.

  • Members of this committee include: Kerry-Anne Kutz, Paul Sullivan.
  • Committee Chair:

Facilities Committee: looks after the maintenance of all equipment owned by LUUC, and has primary responsibility for liaison with the Norwegian Church Association concerning our mutual responsibilities for the physical condition of the Meeting House, the grounds and equipment.

  • Members of this committee include: Paul Sullivan
  • Committee Chair:

Finance and Fundraising Committee: is responsible for initiating, reviewing and coordinating fundraising concepts to support LUUC activities and programmes (any income generated from members and friends at fundraising events is in addition to regular pledges or contributions).

  • Members of this committee include: Sari Kelen, Rob Lutes, Gary Spiller
  • Committee Chair:

Hospitality Committee: schedules volunteers to greet Sunday morning visitors, members and friends and maintain an environment of welcome and inclusion. Sunday ‘greeters’ also prepare coffee and set out cookies or other items for the after-service coffee hour. This committee also recruits teams to set-up and take-down tables, chairs, etc. for Potluck luncheons, Fundraising Dinners, our Annual Talent Show, etc…

  • Members of this committee include: Nancy Schmidt
  • Potluck Team Leaders:  Sheila Laursen, Nancy Schmidt
  • Committee Chair: Dori Abbott

Communications Committee: is charged with getting out the word about the existence, and activities of the congregation, through a variety of media including: newspaper, fliers, posters, signage, the Lakeshore Website and Facebook sites.

  • Members of this committee include: Caitlin Berry, Milda Graham, Kerry-Anne Kutz, Rob Lutes
  • Committee Chair: Gary Spiller

Membership Committee: is responsible for contacting potential new members, welcoming newcomers, and recognizing and helping to integrate new members into the life of our community.

  • Members of this committee include: Rob Lutes, Paul Sullivan
  • Committee Chair: Susan Czarnocki

Music Committee: helps facilitate the needs of the Music Director and works as a liaison between the Director and the choir to ensure that the choir members receive all relevant information pertaining to rehearsal dates, performances, recordings and sheet music. The Music Committee also manages those funds earmarked specifically for the Music program and works closely with the Sunday Services Committee.

  • Members of this committee include: Kerry-Anne Kutz and
  • Committee Chair: Susan Czarnocki

Social Action Committee (SAC): The focus of the SAC is to inform and educate congregation members and the public on issues of social concern; to find ways and means to make a difference in the world, to rectify social injustices; to sponsor and support groups organized to deal with social problems; and to develop informed leaders to foster a just and peaceful world.

  • Members of this committee include: Susan Czarnocki, Gary Spiller, Jose van Amerongen
  • Committee Chair: Sheila Laursen

Spiritual Exploration Committee (SE): The work of the Spiritual Exploration Committee includes setting goals, objectives, and a philosophy for the SE programs. In addition, the Committee Chair is a liaison between the parents and the teachers to determine curricula that meet the parents’ expectations for their child(ren).

  • Members of this committee include:  TBC
  • Committee Chair:

Sunday Services Committee: Spiritual nourishment, intellectual challenge, community belonging, inspiration, intergenerational connections, continuity with Unitarian Universalist beliefs, and an expression of the living tradition of Unitarian Universalism are the responsibility of the Sunday Services Committee. The SSC works closely with all other committees, in their efforts to provide holistic and harmonious services.

  • Members of this committee include:  Susan Czarnocki, Sari Kelen, Gary Spiller and Paul Sullivan
  • Committee Chair: Sheila Laursen

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