Rev. Heather Fraser-Fawcett

Two Spiritual Masters

Two women talk one day and mention that their husbands need to get more exercise. Two spiritual masters talk one day and tell each other that their wives are after them to exercise. This reflection is about what happens next.

Service leader: Susan … read more.

Dancing in the Eye

This service is about “dancing in the eye of the hurricane.”

How do we, in these times of rapid acceleration and great change, not only cope, but actually thrive?  We have the need to find and be in a lively, yet peaceful state, as individuals and communities, … read more.


Rev. Heather Fraser-Fawcett tells us:  Beauty matters. It surprises us and sustains us. It is in our essence and in the essence of others, places, and things. Sometimes, we need the eyes of the heart to truly see beauty.