Speaker: Gabor Matyas

Albino Rabbits

Gabor gave this sermon at Lakeshore UU Congregation seventeen years ago. In case you missed it or you have joined our community since then, he will deliver it again. 

It explores the question: “Where do ethical rules come from?”

Service Leader: Christopher ThomsonMusician: Kerry-Anne KutzChalice Lighter: Cormac LutesHospitality: TBC

Reflecting on Home and Belongings

Naomi Shihab Nye was born in 1952 in St. Louis, Missouri and now lives in San Antonio Texas.  Her father was Palestinian and her mother was American.  She speaks English and Arabic.  She is a poet, songwriter and novelist.  She says “San Antonio feels most … read more.

Religion and Happiness

Does belonging to a religious community generally enhance people’s
happiness?  Gabor Matyas will refer to a book entitled Happiness by Ed Diener, a
professor of psychology at the University of Illinois, who is an expert on the
science of happiness.

Gabor will review the chapter dealing with religion and … read more.