Touchstones of Hope for Reconciliation

McGill University and First Nations Child and Family Caring Society of Canada

Professor Blackstock will review the Five Touchstones of Hope needed to improve the lives of Indigenous nations in Canada. The focus is on improving child welfare and the Spirit Bear to witness reconciliation efforts and the need for compensation.

Her book Fishing for Knowledge and Catching Dreams and her presentation “Spirit Bear and Children Make History” will be highlighted. She will summarize progress made on each touchstone in the past decades.

The fourth touchstone on structural interventions includes the lack of potable water in more than 100 communities and the reasons why the situation still exists.

  • Service Leader – Gary Spiller
  • Musicians – Kerry-Anne Kutz & Michael Cartile
  • Zoom Host – Margaret Godbeer
  • On-line greeters – Usha Thorne (J&S) & Nancy Schmidt

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