Speaker: Scott MacLeod

The Death & Life of Griffintown: 21 Stories

We welcome filmmaker and art educator G. Scott Macleod back to our UU congregation, this time to take us on a walking tour of 21 of the most fascinating historic sites in Montreal’s iconic Griffintown neighbourhood, including the New City Gas, Griffintown Horse Palace and the former Dow … read more.

The Underground Railroad

It is always a pleasure to welcome Scott MacLeod back to the Lakeshore UU Congregation. Scott has researched Canadian history for years, and this presentation will be on the migration of African Americans to Canada during the 1800s (the underground railroad) and its parallels … read more.

29 Days on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

With “29 Days on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland,” Canadian artist and filmmaker G. Scott MacLeod will take us through his day-to-day experiences of the Reykjanes Peninsula, a geological wonder and a UNESCO Global Geo-park, with a focus on its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity, its … read more.

In Griffintown

Scott MacLeod is back to share another of his thoughtful films on Quebec’s history.  This time, it’s the life history documentary on the Mercier family of Griffintown, a once thriving community of predominantly working class Irish and French Canadians, now almost gone.