29 Days on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland

With “29 Days on the Reykjanes Peninsula, Iceland,” Canadian artist and filmmaker G. Scott MacLeod will take us through his day-to-day experiences of the Reykjanes Peninsula, a geological wonder and a UNESCO Global Geo-park, with a focus on its diversity of volcanic and geothermal activity, its singular beauty, and its unique culture.Reykjanes Peninsula


There for an artist residency in June 2017, and guided through the area by locals, MacLeod quickly came to realize that he was experiencing one of the last places on earth with clean air, water and wilderness, a remarkable realization for someone who comes from Canada. Scott turned his artist’s eye to this remarkable place, capturing its natural beauty and unique culture in journal entries, paintings, pencil drawings and photos, and will share his works and observations with us.

Service Leader: Rob Lutes

Musician:  Hélène Cimon-Auer

Hospitality: Sheila Laursen & Nancy Graham

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