Homeward Bound

After our Summer hiatus with picnics and BBQs, the Lakeshore Unitarian Universalist Congregation is homeward bound, returning to our regular Sunday morning services. Christopher Thomson, one of our members and a long-settled immigrant in Québec, will talk about the personal journeys we make in our lives.  Leaving our first home to go into the world, yet as we go along our journey, we, if we are lucky, may find ourselves homeward bound in discovering in our heart the place where we belong.  And a heart full of gratitude on finding our place in this world may hear the call of those others who in their own journey, easy or hard as it may be, stand on our doorstep and ask to be invited in, to make this place their home.

Service leader: Paul Sullivan

Musician:  Kerry-Anne Kutz

Hospitality: Sheila Laursen & Chris Bassett

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