Dans la rue is there for Homeless Youth

Founded just over thirty years ago, by Father Emmett Johns, nicknamed ‘Pops,’ the organization Dans la rue holds out a helping hand to homeless youth. Funded 95 % by private donations, Dans la rue offers an integrated approach to the multiple needs of these youth:  

  • Its famous food van, la Roulotte, run entirely by volunteers
  • An emergency shelter, the Bunker
  • Its Day Center offering various social, educative and family services
  • Seventeen housing units backed by community support
Père Emmett Johns
Father Emmett Johns ‘Pops,’ 1928-2018

Currently, Dans la rue has over 65 employees and over one hundred volunteers.  Myrlande Myrand manages the staff running these various programs.    

  • Service leader – Irene Hausknost
  • Musician – Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Hospitality – Susan Czarnocki & Annelise Ogle

This service is followed by a potluck lunch. Please bring healthy and tasty dishes to share. Potluck crew – Paul Sullivan, leader, with Toni, Margaret, Rob and Monique.

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