ZOOM: Care in the times of Corona

As GDP plummets, resource use exploitation and pollution declines, emissions fall and non-human life is able to re-inhabit spaces through diminished human activity, it might appear that environmentalists and degrowthers have cause to celebrate. Yet it is important to distinguish the current crisis from an intentional degrowth feminist project.

This Crisis is not our Degrowth!

In this talk, I will discuss issues of care, vulnerability, social reproduction and possible futures following this pandemic. I will bring attention to dimensions of care and reproductive work that have been so centrally relied upon in this pandemic yet so invisible and neglected. I will outline what a transition towards an intentional (feminist) degrowth project means, why it is more necessary now than ever, and how this crisis can help us move towards care-full economies in the long term.

  • Service Leader – Gary Spiller
  • Musician – Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Zoom host – Christopher Thomson

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