Zoom: Trees at the snow line

Fred Cappuccino

Trees at the snow line are gnarled and twisted by the wind and considered ugly and useless. But they serve a greater purpose. They save the big trees in the forest below by taking the brunt of the weather. They act as shields – a wind break.

Fred will share some of his reflections on how people can be like that too.

Rev. Fred Cappuccino will be with us – and even though it will be in Zoom format, we might have the special treat of seeing both Fred and Bonnie for Sunday! So, don’t forget to Zoom in – by computer or by phone. We will all benefit from a ‘dose’ of Fred’s wisdom, humour (and maybe even singing) … during these days of restrictions.

  • Service leader – Sheila Laursen
  • Musician – Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Zoom host – Gary Spiller


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