Tales from a Book of Life: Reflections

This is the third part of Michael’s trilogy. The pattern is broadly as before: a set of international tales is used to explore our collective spirituality. The tales are followed by another mysterious spiritual question.

Today’s tales, sometimes amusing but all intriguing, are from the exotic society of Peninsula Malaysia. They cover a key question: “Can a multicultural population with strong Islamic, Chinese and Hindu fractions, for example, live together in cultural harmony?” This involves several intrigues including equality and women’s rights. The spiritual question is on “Inspiration.”

After a few brief reflections on the entire trilogy, Michael reaches some interim conclusions that he hopes will resonate with you.

A question period is planned.

  • Service Leader: Sheila Laursen
  • Chalice Lighter: Olivia Gavanski
  • Musician: Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Hospitality: Susan Czarnocki & Heather Falconer


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