Tales from a Book of Life, Part 2: Pathways

Further to Part 1 (presented last April), Michael will continue to explore our collective spirituality through two more intriguing international tales and reflections from his family’s “book of life” that they’ve experienced over the years. He will then add a fresh story to illustrate deeper aspects of our spiritual journeys and the pathways that intrigue us to walk along.

In exploring life’s puzzles we’ll be going beyond our traditional five senses, and will set out instead along new pathways of our individual imagination. Scientific advances are mentioned to help us gain a true perspective of our journeys. This is the interim presentation of a planned trilogy. Research for and drafting of the final part entitled “Reflections” is already underway.

Service leader: Sheila Laursen

Musician: Kerry-Anne Kutz

Hospitality: Annelise Ogle & 


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