Our Canadian Tapestry

We have all seen the large tapestry hanging at the front of the sanctuary, with its intriguing, child-like images of various countries and cultures. We will share how the Canadian Tapestry came about in 1977 and 1978, and how this Lakeshore Unitarian Church Sunday school curriculum, created and led by Myrna Wood, engaged our whole congregation and inspired Unitarian Universalists (UUs) across Canada and the USA to develop similar locally-created UU programs.

Note: The timing of this service was chosen to honour the memory of Peg Wooley close to her birthday. We want to highlight Lakeshore’s remarkable history, of which Peg and Myrna were important contributors. Each year at this time, we will remember the outstanding contributions of Lakeshore members, whose lives and legacy, like Peg’s, continue to inspire us to live our UU principles and values every day.

  • Service leader – Sheila Laursen
  • Musicians – Kerry-Anne Kutz & Michael Cartile
  • Zoom host – Christopher Thomson
  • Greeters  Nancy Schmidt and Susan Czarnocki (J&S)


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