“In the doing, we become”

From Whom am I led? To Whom do I Serve?

Vivianne will give a glimpse into the journey of where her personal life intersects with her professional life – And in so doing – her spirituality is defined as a political statement. She believes in the power of converging art with spirituality, and that such power has the capacity to bring about transformation: within oneself, and also help build and develop sustainable, healthy communities.

Vivianne LaRiviere

Vivianne holds a Master of Pastoral Studies, a Master of Theological Studies, and is in the final stages of thesis writing for a Doctorate of Ministry. (Practical theology).

  • Service Leader: Rev. Heather Fraser Fawcett
  • Chalice Lighter: Ariel Amstutz
  • Musician: Kerry-Anne Kutz
  • Hospitality: Jose van Amerongen & Christopher Thomson


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