Grace and Grit: Life Lessons from a Himalayan Trekking Adventure

Is there a time for grace and a time for grit?

Should I ‘let it happen’ or ‘make it happen’?  In a way, trekking along a mountain is like life distilled down to its bare essence.  Being in movement with nature for this breathtaking journey brought with it ideas and insights on skillful living that are worthy of attention.  Join us for a stunning visual exploration of this profound theme.

Born in Assam, India, Bhaskar was trained from a young age by yogachayas (master teachers) in the practice of yoga and meditation. After immigrating to Kuwait, his idyllic childhood was suddenly disrupted by the Gulf War. At age fifteen, he entered the UK alone, as a refugee. After receiving a Masters Honours degree in Engineering from the University of Nottingham, he travelled the world for over a decade becoming an international engineer by day, yoga teacher by night. This gave him a strong understanding of the methods and benefits of mindful living in an urban environment.

Service leader:  Sheila Laursen

Musician:  Kerry-Anne Kutz

Hospitality:  José van Amerongen & James Sisley

A Congregational Meeting follows after the service to elect the Chaplains for 2019.

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