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During a Membership and Communications Committee brainstorming session at Lakeshore on 31 March 2017, Timothy Byrnes suggested that building a new blog-compatible website could be the most cost-effective way of making what we offer as an inclusive spiritual community better known to the larger Montreal community.

Nowadays, with so much information available on-line, talking up our congregation, our spiritual explorations program, our rights of passage services, our choir, our social action and all that we are by posting our stories, our reflections on-line via a blog will make us more visible.    

So the Communications Committee struck a sub-committee composed of Timothy, Rob, Susan and Christopher to study the options.  It opted for the very popular WordPress content management system and bought a UU template from the US Unitarian Universalist Association.  This was customized to fit our needs and priorities. 

This site not only allows Board Members and Committee Chairs to post news and opinion on the site, but also allows the whole congregation to share thoughts and post comments to nourish the dialogue within our community.  Partisan political writing will not be accepted by the site moderators.  

If you have articles or posts you would like to the editors to publish on the site, please send an email with your text to Christopher Thomson.  Some of the material initially published on the website may be re-used by the Newsletter Editor to help diffuse our content to those who are not assiduous internet dwellers! 

We also invite you to leave a comment or “Reply” to Events, Blog Posts and the Suggestion Box.  There is a place for that at the bottom of each Post or Event page.  Comments are moderated and will appear only after been seen and approved by one of the moderators.

The first version (1.0) was put on-line 8 November 2017; with the notable addition of a Suggestion Box on the Home page, the current version (1.1) was created on 8 April 2018.  We hope you like it! 

– Christopher Thomson, 2018-04-09

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