The Rabbit Dance Story

Mother, grandmother and traditional chief of the Kahnawake Bear Clan, Kawisente, speaks to Lakeshore about her Kanienkeha nation’s conception of the three levels of creation and, in particular, the rabbit dance story.  She will also share the rabbit dance song with us and take questions after her talk. 

The Gods Within My Hero’s Journey

It is always a joy to welcome Scott MacLeod back to our congregation. In the past, he has shared his animated early immigrant stories from three of Canada’s largest cultural communities as well as the heartbreaking tale of one of Canada’s indigenous peoples, the Abenaki.
Scott will now share with us his own story. He has created a series of self-portraits examined via grounded theory in an art-based research exploration of his identity and past, present and future. He collected nine cultural myths/gods of his predecessors that best reflect his own life history – what Joseph Campbell called the “hero’s journey.”

What the World Needs Now – A Larger Love

One feature of pandemic time is our continually shifting social landscape. Activities, events, appointments and gatherings are cancelled and endlessly rescheduled; schools and businesses close and reopen repeatedly. It used to be the snowy weather.
For one constant in today’s world, we need look no further than the timeless theme of love. Call it Universalism writ large — together let’s re-imagine what love looks like in our time.

Co-creating a Sustainable Future

McGill University Institute for the Study of International Development Professor Eliane Ubalijoro speaks to Lakeshore about sustainable future: The last two years have seen deep societal disruption, from COVID-19, to social justice protests, to floods and fires reminding us of the planetary boundaries we need to take into account in all we do. How do we truly co-create a sustainable and inclusive future that leaves no one behind and grows natural capital?