The Ripple Effect

The Canadian Unitarian Council’s National Social Justice Team has launched a new two-year initiative called The Ripple Effect, focusing on that key resource which is water.  It is also an issue which intersects with First Nation concerns and rights. 

The Sharing Our Faith service we held in February on the theme of Water was also part of this effort to bring our attention and concern on all the ways that water impacts our life, our health and our economy.  Somewhat similar to the ecology-oriented Pacte pour la Transition launched in the last few months by Québec’s artistic community, the Unitarian Universalist campaign, The Ripple Effect, seeks to mobilize our energies on both personal and institutional levels. 

It calls us to get involved in our daily life and in political action across local, provincial and national scenes, in collaboration with environmental groups and similar concerned faith communities.

To find out more, visit the site:

Christopher  Thomson – 2019-02-20 

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