Tales from a Book of Life, Part 1: Adventures

Michael will explore our collective spirituality through a few intriguing, international stories and reflections from his family’s “book of life” that they’ve experienced over the years. He will start to go “bravely” on as a “free seeker” into areas that science has yet to fathom / to measure.

“In Part 1, I’ve selected a few key events and spun them into tales that I hope will resonate with you. They’re factual so I’ve called them tales rather than fables. I’ll look at them then as we go back in time together, typically as a young man but then I’ll review their spiritual or hidden significance now with (hopefully) a wiser head.

In Part 2 (in the Fall) I will remind us that to better explore life’s puzzles, seekers need to go beyond our traditional five senses and set out instead along new pathways of our individual imaginations.

Service Leader: Sheila Laursen

Musician: Kerry-Anne Kutz

Hospitality: Paul Sullivan and Nancy Schmidt

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