Remembrance Today

We honour the soldiers who battled on the front lines

Who sacrificed for a cause and their country

Even ending their time


We remember

War is filled with stories of great heroism and valour  … but in itself is a shame

All sides claim to be righteous

Often even pray to a god of the same name


Our side always seems to seem somehow more right

And we only choose war as a last resort because THEY first chose to fight


Such vindications can be found with abundance on all sides

Yet, arguments that appear at first as opposite as can be

At their core actually have striking similarities


Absolute right and wrong is difficult to define and most often cannot be found,

But a search for peace starts by simply searching for common ground

It is common that we cannot forget

It is common that it is difficult to forgive

Common is our wish for peace

And, it is common that we wish to joyfully and simply live


As we are in this joyful moment, a great day

With a first hand account from Jean about World War 2

A war that does not seem so far away


Sadly, the history of war appears repeating

But, if this is so…so too must our love

A love for we have not just for each other but that we share with our perceived enemies

Even if what we share is misunderstood

As love compels us to find, search, celebrate and share all that is good.

~ Timothy Byrnes, 2017-11-12

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