Pact for Transition

A Pact for the Transition – from Words to Action

At the end of 2018, our Québec artistic community has announced le Pacte pour la Transition which combines a personal commitment to reducing our ecological footprint and slowing global warming with a vigorous lobby to press the Legault government to act collectively to meet our Paris Climate Agreement goals. 

Numerous Québec artists, including Karine’s parents, have signed, pledging to do their part. As Yvon says, I dream of a White Christmas in a Green Québec.  So far over 500 artists, scientists and academics have taken the pledge and thousands of other citizens have joined in.  I have.  To learn more and sign up, if you choose to, go to

Lakeshore’s Social Action Committee encourages our members to inform themselves further about climate change and to think seriously about joining the Pact for Transition to a more environmentally sustainable world.

  • Christopher Thomson, 2019-05-31

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