Comment on “Honouring the Cappuccinos”

After a very successful evening at a fund raising dinner for Child Haven International last Saturday, our congregation took the opportunity during our Sunday service to honour the close relationship we have had over the years with Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino.

Various members of the congregation took part,  recounting the highlights of the years before their arrival in Pointe Claire, as well as reminiscing about the times spent with Fred as our full time minister, and later when Fred and Bonnie left to take up farming in Ontario.

The service was arranged around Fred’s book, Bonnie and her 21 Children, an oftentimes humorous and heart rending narrative by a beleaguered Unitarian minister and his headstrong wife as they raise 21 children, 18 of whom are adopted,  sometimes from desperate situations from around the world.

After the service a special luncheon was held in the hall with a variety of home-made soups and yummy cake.

– Paul Sullivan, 2017-11-09

The Impact Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino have had on the Life of Bella Gavanski

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