Energetic Love

Energetic Love.   The Energy of Love

It can be as difficult to define

As it is easy to feel

The moment now

Where it can feel, even surreal

It is this love we all wish to capture and keep

but energetic love, like all energy

While it can be stored

It will certainly seep

All energy needs a source

and for love, that must come somewhere from our within

Whether you feel it from your heart, Buddhist self, Christian soul

…. or … Hindu Atman

But, really, from where and how you define your source matters not

For the real power in love is sharing what you got

And we have – in this moment– got a whole, whole lot

But there are moments in our lives

perhaps even many moments

When we are feeling somehow fraught

and our searching, sourcing… and love itself

seems somehow forgot

It is important to remember

especially in times of stress

That for all the ways and words we use to espouse love’s grandiosity

That love’s essence is absolute… simplicity

From a simple touch

to taking an extra moment when you shake someones hand

an extra squeeze when you give or get a hug,

giving an extra hug, a wink, a nod

A kind acknowledgment or expression of gratitude

such as when you look someone in the eye and …

   … share with them a heart felt, Thank you!

No matter how dire we may feel, love always kindles within

And, even if you feel you have so little to give, give it all away.  Give every you got.

When you give away all the love you have,

          what you are left with is so much more than you ever had.

Love is not divisible.  It is multiplicable. 

And as we share it daily, it exponentiates to what we feel in loves greatest moments…

   …   and even many times more


Take a moment and capture and keep whatever we can store

and commit ourself to renewal and sourcing even and ever more

Allow your life and love naturally combine

Life.  Your life is beautiful

Love.   Your love.  All love.  Is simply divine

Timothy Byrnes, 2018-03-25 (from the presentation that day)

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