2020 Pledge Appeal


These have been difficult times, with the onset of the Corona-19 virus and the frustrations of self-isolation and lock-down. Thankfully, our Lakeshore community has been able to come together and have weekly services via Zoom.

However, while Zoom has provided comfort to many of us, our major LUUC expenses, such as rent, insurance and salaries, have remained unchanged. We are facing major challenges in maintaining the church’s revenue, as members and friends no longer have the convenience of contributing during the offertory. In addition, most of our pledging and fundraising activities planned this spring have had to be postponed. We also anticipate decreased choir and wedding fees. We are thus facing a possible increase to our usual deficit of several thousand dollars this coming year.

The Lakeshore Board asks you to consider some form of giving. We recognize that some families may be dealing with a reduced income and we would just like to express our deep appreciation for any amount that you can spare. To those of you who have continued to contribute during this difficult time, we thank you for your ongoing support.

HOW TO CONTRIBUTE: You can contribute by cheque, post-dated cheques (mailed to LUUC 5065, rue Sherbrooke, Lachine, QC H8T 1H9) or by eTransfers to lakeshoretreasury@gmail.com or by going to our website luuc.org/ to donate via PayPal.

Could you please indicate a likely pledge amount which you might possibly attain during the 2020-2021 Financial Year if your circumstances make it feasible. $_________.

Thanks to Zoom, our various committees will continue to meet virtually. Please have a look at the list of committees below and indicate which one(s) appeal to you and the respective committee Chair will contact you. Please check off where you’d like to be active:

  • Sunday Services____________________
  • Membership & Communications _________
  • Spiritual Exploration (aka R.E.) ___________
  • Caring for members _________________
  • Community Choir_____________________
  • Social Justice _______________________
  • Stewardship & Fundraising ____________
  • Hospitality Logistics _________________

Once we are able to resume holding physical services, we will ask for volunteers to help with the Hospitality (Greeters) and Potluck teams.

Please mail this letter back to Lakeshore or email lakeshoretreasury@gmail.com with your pledge amount and chosen committees. (Or you can reply in the Comment section below.)

Many thanks for your contributions — whether they be in the form of Time, Talent or Treasure. Board members are working on the logistics of on-line/mail fund raiser. Details to follow shortly.

Margaret GodbeerTreasurer, 2020-06-09

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