2018 Stewardship Report

2018 Stewardship Report

Summary: Investments UP, Income and Expenditures DOWN

Major factors influencing our investment results:

– shorter reference period (to February) this year due to earlier date of this presentation

– slower growth in LAM investment fund 3,5% this year vs. 7% last year (BLUE bars)

– both years had identical withdrawal of 5000 $ from investment fund (BLUE bars)  

Worrying trend is lower amounts left at each year end in BMO account (RED bars)

could mean that in 2018-2019, the Board might have to withdraw more than 5000 $


Income down to 83% of 2015-2016, due largely to declines from 2016-2017 highs:

– declining wedding fees (down 2000 $) and choir fees (down 1000 $) (BLUE bars)

– 2018 service auction raised near 1700 $ vs. near 2900 $ last year (in GREEN bars)

– no special project (youth, music) funding vs. 2100 $ last year (in RED bars)

– other earmarked funding this year down to 800 $ from 2100 $ (in RED bars)

You responded well to last year’s Stewardship Campaign so Good News:

– regular pledge income is up to near 21 000 $ vs. 18 000 $ last year (in RED bars). 


Expenditures are thankfully down from last year, though modestly (6%):

– S.E. salaries about half of last year (in BLUE bars)

– lower than budgeted religious expenses: (YELLOW bars)

 – less conference spending

 – caring

 – slightly lower transfers to Canadian Unitarian Council because:

   – member numbers down to 36 from 38

   – dearth of weddings


Property aquisitions: new office computer, wireless mike

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The Board hopes the members will sustain their contributions in treasure, talent and time to help make our community continue to flourish. Please fill in the Pledge Form received in church OR alternatively use this Rich Text Format Pledge_form.

Christopher Thomson, Treasurer, 2018-04-18

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